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British Chamber of Commerce discussion on Robadvisory

British Chamber of Commerce discussion on Robadvisory

Fintonia Chairman and CEO, Adrian Chng was recently the Moderator at a panel discussion on Robo vs Human Financial Advisory hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce.

The session focused on the digital delivery of roboadvisors versus traditional human advisors such as bankers and asset managers.

In addition to Fintonia Chairman Adrian Chng, the panel included Michele Ferrario Founder & CEO of Stashaway, Ben Cherrington Partnerships Development Director of M&G Investments and Gina Heng Founding Partner Lattice80.  The discussion touched on the merits and limitations of both roboadvisory and human relationships. A robust discussion was had regarding the notions of trust and investment performance in today’s environment. 

Overall there was a lively discussion covering personal investing starting from the retail level, the mechanics behind roboadvisory, the benefits of wealth management and the challenges and benefits the industry faces with increased digitalization.